The Lord of Compassion and Mercy Can Turn Suffering to Joy

“When the Lord saw her, His heart went out to her and He said, ‘Don’t cry.’” (Luke 7: 13)

Our Lord’s heart goes out to His people when they must endure pain and suffering, as stated in the verse above. Our Jesus is the Lord of compassion and mercy. We can see in the gospel of Luke, Chapter 7, examples that prove His compassion for His people. The Lord was anxious to fulfill the needs of the people He encountered–their physical, as well as spiritual ones.

One account tells of a widow whose only son had died and was about to be buried. The Lord knew the woman had suffered much loss in her life and was well acquainted with grief. Luke says that when Jesus saw her, He had compassion on her. The Lord brought her only son back from the dead. In all likelihood, the awestruck widow could hardly contain her joy.

Luke continues to tell of the people who were on the receiving end of our Lord’s loving compassion and mercy, as He healed the people of all kinds of infirmities, plagues, and evil spirits. (Luke 7: 21) He ministered to those who were deaf, blind, and lame as well. (Luke 7:22) During His short time of ministry, Jesus performed all sorts of miracles that revealed His compassionate nature.

Jesus loved the unlovely and imperfect people who gathered around Him, hoping for a morsel of grace from the Lord’s banquet table. Jesus saw these people as they were, saw the pain in their tortured eyes, sensed their needs. Then He went about supplying those needs. Often, He took a person who had only experienced hardship and loneliness since birth, and took away the pain and suffering in an instant.

In many cases, a life plagued with sorrow suddenly turned into a life filled with joy and hope for the future. All because these people met a man who was the epitome of love and merciful compassion. Because they encountered a man who could see their need, and did what was necessary to fill that need.

Today, Jesus is still all about mercy and compassion. He desires to fill the needs of his people today, just as He did all those years ago. For those who must suffer pain and hardship on a daily basis, it helps to be reminded of this. We only need remember that He is there, waiting for us to call upon His name in our hour of need.

Prayer: It is a well known fact that bad things happen to good people. Help us to note that You don’t bring suffering upon us, but that you allow it to happen for Your reasons. May we always remember the great compassion and love You have for us. Help us to call upon that compassion and mercy when we are struggling to cope. Amen.

About the author:
Lanette Kissel is a freelance writer of Inspirational poetry, articles, and devotionals. She lives in southern Indiana with her adopted Yorkie-poo, Benjy, and enjoys singing in her church choir. Her work has appeared in Mature Living magazine, The War Cry, Purpose, and others.

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God has the power to prevent our suffering. So why do you think He allows bad things to happen to good people, (to His people)?