He Lives! And We Will Live Again Too–Pain Free

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in Me will live, even though they die.'” (John 11:25)

If man die shall he live again?

This has been a question for humans from the beginning of time. Life is so very precious and brief. We live with love and therefore desire that we again will be with loved ones after death again. Ancient cultures from Egyptians with mummification to Indians and tribal burials, all have indicated that man will have an afterlife.

Even today this question still ponders the mind. We may place our trust in things such as reincarnation or free-spirit bliss but there has been only one true answer to this life and death quest that offers hope and a promise.

After an unjust and cruel tortuous death and a cross, Jesus body was not thrown in the fires of the Hinnom Valley, which was the custom of disposal of bodies that had been crucified. Joseph of Arimathea had obtained permission to take the body, anoint it with spices and wrappings and place it in a garden tomb. Because the Pharisees did not want someone to remove the body to claim that Christ had arose, they rolled a heavy stone wall to the entrance of the tomb and keep the tomb guarded.

During this time the Pharisees believed in some form of life after death but the Sadducee did not. Christ had foretold His followers that He would resurrect from death demonstrating the incredible promise of a blissful life in heaven for those who believed in Him.

Very early on the third day, Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the Mother of James and certain of woman came to anointed the body yet again with perfumes and spices, as was the custom. As they arrived they were horrified.

The stone had been rolled away and the body of their beloved Christ had vanished. As fear gripped the hearts of these women, two heavenly illuminated figures appeared to them asking them; “Why are you looking for living among the dead? He is not here. . . He has risen!” God had reached into the tomb and raised his son back to life.

Later that day after Jesus had arose and His followers were mourning His departure, we read that He appeared to them and showed them His earthly body, the scares from the cross, and demonstrate His promise that He was alive after death; therefore breaking the chains of death to give to us the assurance that we will one day live again after death.

What a wonderful revival for the heart today to know that our Lord and Savior who died for us was raised from the dead, ascending back to Heaven and will return yet again to receive us unto Himself. The suffering we know here on this earth will be no more, whether we die an earthly death and we are transported to Heaven to spend eternity with Christ and our loved ones, or whether He returns today to take us home.

We have the assurance and the promise of eternal life.

Now as we ponder this question again; “If man die shall he live again?” we see a hope and a promise that can encourage and empower our hearts. We are so very loved and we are not alone. One day a Heavenly body free from sickness, sin and decay will replace this earthly flesh we have. As you ponder theses things in your heart today, rejoice in the promise of the resurrection.

Prayer> Almighty, Most Powerful heavenly Father: Because of your grace and the resurrection of your son Jesus from the dead, We can hold the promise of eternal life. Even through our inflictions and sorrows, give us the strength to endure and share, that others may know that He still lives! Amen.

About the author:
Debbi Farmer is holding to the promise of eternal life today! She wishes everyone a wonderful Easter Holiday!

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Have you found yourself wondering at times; If man dies shall he live again? Have you ever pondered the suffering of Christ, especially when we are suffering on this earth? Do you see the Hope and Promise that can help you endure and carry on?

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