Don’t Give In! Choose God Over Grief

“Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God the maker of heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them, the Lord who remains faithful forever.” (Psalm 146:5,6)

We are so blessed to have the knowledge that our hope is in the Lord. That we serve a loving and compassionate God who is always faithful to us.

Sometimes because of the daily problems we face living with a chronic illness it is easy to take our eyes off the Lord, to lose sight of the fact that He is our only source of hope. When we allow this to happen is when the depression and frustration begins to take over.

When we are depressed or frustrated we have a harder time coping with the pain and fatigue that we face each day. This is why it is so important that we bathe ourselves in God’s Word and surround ourselves with positive people.

I’m not saying that this is always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes I have to work really hard at not becoming depressed and or overwhelmed. Recently I have been going through one of those times. Multiple things have taken a turn for the worse and we are having to make decisions as to what treatments to try, what medications to work with etc. etc. None of these are easy decisions to make, especially if you have two or three different opinions from different doctors.

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed and then to start to question if it is worth the effort to fight. Choosing to give in would be so much easier. But I know that it is not God’s plan for me to just give in. He wants me to do everything I can to keep going and trust Him to give me wisdom and strength to make the right decisions.

I have learned that if I play uplifting praise songs, read a good book, and study my bible, that soon I am feeling better and I am able to think clearer and make decisions with confidence that I am doing the right thing.

Keeping our minds and spirits saturated in things of the Lord helps us to deal with the pain and fatigue in a way that can be used to bring glory to God. We are able to share with our family, friends, and others that our hope and strength is in the Lord.

Prayer: I thank you Lord, for the hope and strength that You give. Thank You for always being faithful to me no matter what the situation. Help me keep my focus on You and give You all the praise for what you are accomplishing in my life.

About the author:
Linda Aufrance lives in Phoenix with her wonderful and supportive husband. She is blessed to have her daughter, son and daughter-in-law along with 3 beautiful grandchildren live close by. Linda lives with MS, lupus, CAD, and diabetes along with several other health issues. Her desire is that others see Jesus in her and that she can help others learn to rest in the arms of Jesus and find hope and peace there.

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We all go through times of feeling emotionally and physically exhausted of our illness and all its complications. What do you to do get out of this funk?