Do You Have Too Much Noise In Your Life? In The Silence We Will Find Peace

“But the Lord is in His Holy Temple; let all of the earth be ‘silent’ before Him.” (Habakkuk 2:20)

Have you ever been to a new doctor, only to discover that they think they know what is wrong with you before you even describe your symptoms?

Or. . .

Do you feel they are doing all of the talking, and they have not even heard a word that you have said? Perhaps they jump to their conclusions without fully examining all of the possibilities.

Do you ever meet someone you know in a store or just out and about and find that they know how to fix all of the world’s problems, especially yours?
Right away they just start chattering about everything that is wrong in your life

Or. . .

Perhaps you run into the person who loves to tell everyone every single detail of their problems, over and over again.“Woo-woo is me!”

Do you feel that perhaps no-one really cares about you and your pain personally?

So much well-meaning advice a lot of the times is given to us even though we did not ask for it. With all of this chattering going on it is no wonder we feel as though we can not hear the Holy Spirit’s directions for our lives.

Perhaps our ears are clogged with a case of severe “noise pollution!” Some people like to get lost in noise. They find that the louder their surroundings, the better to block their painful thoughts, bad memories,and sad feelings. Many use noise to drown out their negative emotions and thoughts.

God however does not have to yell to make His presence known. In Habakkuk 2:20 we are told to be “silent” before the Lord.

It is in this quietness that the Lord will whisper to you the nourishing recipe you need for your soul.
It is in this quietness that the Lord will gently settle the upset of your broken-heart.
It is in the quietness, that your mind can find a spiritual peace.
It is in this quietness that you can seek true relief from your pain.
It is in this quietness that the Lord will remind you that He loves and cares for you and everything going on with you.

Be still and know that I am God,” says, Psalms 46:10. In the stillness of our lives, we can better communicate with the Lord. Perhaps we should take our quiet moments in life to reflect on God’s Word and use the still hours for mediation and prayer. Perhaps you are wide-awake in the wee hours of the night; perhaps this is a good time to commune with the Lord.

I believe that our prayer closet is an example of “one-on-one” quiet time with you and your heavenly Father. If we go to the Lord in prayer, He has promised to meet us there. Listen for His whisper, dear child; the Lord is waiting to commune with you.

Is your heart heavy today? Have you found yourself feeling alone in the still,quietness of your mind? Oh you precious sweet child; The Lord is there ready to hold and nurture you. Use that silence to reverently seek God’s presence. Hide His word in your heart. The Lord understands and knows your pain.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father: We seek your “rest” in our lives. Give us a quiet stream to meditate on your Word! Help us Lord to seek your voice in our lives and find relief in your arms! Amen.

About the author:
Debbi Farmer knows that our hearts can seem extremely heavy and lonely when “silence” is surrounding us in our pain. She desires for all hurting hearts, to use those lonely, quiet moments to reflect on God’s Word and seek fellowship with a loving and nurturing Father. Remember, child, you are so loved and you are not alone!

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What is creating too much noise in your life? When you are in pain do you regularly turn to the computer, TV, movies, radio, anything to block out the noise–before turning to God? What kind of difference do you think it would make if you first turned to God?

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