Hitting Rock Bottom

“He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire, he set my feet on a rock. . . ” (Psalm 40:2)

I have always been drawn to science and geology. I am intrigued by the elements around me. This may explain my recent career move to open a family gem mining business to teach others the local geology of the area we live in.

In the discovery of God’s perfect design I stand amazed at the wonderment of His creations. Every facet of life and matter; from complexity to simplicity, co-exist in our ecological system, because of a God who makes no mistakes.

When I home-schooled, preparing science curriculum for my child; I often prepared worksheets with scientific laws and problem thinking scenarios to challenge his thinking.

Thr Law of Gravity: what goes up, must come down.

Funny thought:
I am a walking example of this “Law”! When I go “up” I must come down too.

Waddling through my life with a persona of self-sufficiency, I often pushed myself to take on more and more responsibilities. I saw myself as a Super-MOM, Super-Christian, Super-Wife, and Super-Worker; believing the whole while that I was pleasing my Lord, and setting an example for my family and church as a “DO-ER.”

My life was on a delicate balancing scale, to which I dared not tip. As long as my schedule was perfected, I could reach the unrealistic goals that I had mentally set for myself.

When the invading alien of illness decided to penetrate my “balanced program” it inevitability lead to a major crash! One that has since changed my perception of myself and my role in life.

  • I fell hard landing on what is referred to as “Hitting Rock Bottom.”
  • I was burned-out and crippled!
  • I found myself in a situation that self-sufficiency could not address.

The ironic part however is that the “rock” on the bottom, on which I landed, was none other than Christ himself. From this “rock” I was able to rebuild my life, not as the “self-sufficient” do-er that I was but as the helpless vessel that I really am. As one who had to depend on a loving Lord.

My life is richer as I rely on Christ to get me through. It was a hard lesson to learn to be reminded that God is in control and that I have no control at all. This lead me to a more loving relationship with my Lord.

God holds me up. I can-not hold Him up. Therefore, my plan to please by doing it all was actually a destructive course for me to travel.

When a Christian “hits rock bottom” we can find that Christ is the “firm” foundation from which to re-build.
If we except the calling of the Lord to fulfill but one objective in our lives than we have served God faithfully and well.

My science lesson for today?

What goes up must come down. If we continue to hold ourselves up too high, we will eventually fall. However, if we rely on God to do the holding for us and offer up our needs to Him in prayer then all that will come down, will be a fuller and blessing filled life.

Can you build your foundation today on the “Rock of Salvation?” Remember, the Lord will never leave you or forsake you.

“Therefore. . . everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24)

Dear Lord: Be our ROCK! Show us how to rebuild on Your firm foundation when we feel as though we have hit Rock-bottom! Give us the strength to carry-on even in our darkest hour! We love you Lord! Amen!

About the Author:
Deborah Farmer is a part-time writer and small business owner who has felt as though she has hit Rock-bottom many times. She Praises the Lord today that He has shown her the Firm foundation through Him in which to rebuild!

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Have you found ways to rebuild your life upon the Rock of the Lord? Have you felt as though you have hit Rock-bottom? Has your life seemed Up only to crash right back down?