When Logic Steps Aside, Oh, To Find Us “Faithful”

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)

(F)ollowing the
(I)nstructions with
(T)rust and

Faith steps in when logic steps aside.

When we question the Lord as to why we are in pain, it tends to leave us feeling as though our faith is weak. However, your faith may be much stronger than you think. When chronic pain and suffering engulfs our lives, our faith may be the testimony in which to encourage another to persevere in their faith. An encouragement that shouts to someone else “Hang in there, you can carry-on.”

If it never rained, would we appreciate a clear sunny day? Without the pain, would we be grateful for a good health day? If we had all the answers would we need faith? We feel as if we could cope better, if we knew “Why.” God, in all of His wisdom, knows all and sees the entire canvas. We in our small state can not see pass the “Now”, however, this may only prove to strengthen our faith in the long-run.

The King James Version refers to “faith” as the substance or “essence” of one; or that of which something is made. Faith is the actions we take based on the hope that we have. A certainty that cannot be supported by physical evidence. Faith trust God’s “wisdom” and His “promises”, even when they appear impossible. Faith will reach out to seek peace, even when we feel that our life is darkened from the suffering that we are experiencing.

Hang on to your faith dear child. The resurrection of Christ can give us “Hope” to remain faithful, even in our suffering, and to wait for our reward.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father who sees all and knows all; Help us today to rely on “You” Lord even when we cannot see past the pain in our lives. Strengthen our Faith today that we may be an encouragement to someone else today! Shine your light into our world when we feel all is dark. Thank You, Lord! We love You!

About the Author:
Deborah Farmer is a part-time writer and small business owner who knows first hand how one can feel that they are losing their faith because illness has flooded our mind with pain. She prays ALL that are reading this today can find their
faith becoming stronger as they “hang-in-there and carry-on”!


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Has your life today been an encouragement to someone else who is in pain? Do you feel that your life is stronger when we find ourselves trusting and hoping in that which is not seen? Have you found ways to cope through the pain even when all looks dark?

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