The Comfort We Seek Can Only Be Fulfilled From God, Not Others

“Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered Him punished by God, stricken by Him, and afflicted,” (Isaiah 53:4).

Tender joints, inflammation, chronic pain, fatigue that blurs the setting of today’s sun with its rising for tomorrow; dismal visits in the doctor’s office, and the obnoxious prick of a pointed needle; for far too many of us, this description is far too familiar, a tangoed dance that has timed the rhythm of our steps for far too long.

Pain is often associated with punishment, for those of us who feel embattled by the chronic pain associated with a debilitating diagnosis. We often become lost, overwhelmed, and washed away in a sea of our personal plight.

Lost in this sea, we feel as if our voices are drowned as salted water fills our mouths and muffle our cries each time we reach out for help. We feel adrift and set apart from friends, family and co-workers with healthy immune systems, feeling as if they are incapable of truly understanding the physical pain and emotional exhaustion that greets us each day.

Weakened by the failing of our arms as we signal for an SOS, we instinctively turn to others in our lives, expecting them to save us from drowning; expecting their love to become what sustains us. In placing the focus on our loved ones, we turn to an imperfect source seeking perfect understanding, empathy and relief from pain that doggedly pursues us.

Beloved, we must understand that the pain which weakens us and brings us to our knees, perfectly positions us to keep our eyes, heart and every hope on our Heavenly Father, the sole source of endless empathy, understanding and perfect love.

Keeping our heart, spirit, and souls filled with Him reminds us of offering of Christ; an offering marked by tortuous inhuman pain and death that led to a miraculous resurrection! This resurrection allows us to access His power, His defeat over pain and fills us with peace and the inability to allow the oil of joy to be poured over us in spite of our circumstance, not because of it.

Prayer: Lord, help me turn to You first, not as a last resort when people have failed me. My heart longs for understanding and validation that only You can provide.

About The Author:
Both bound and freed by obedience birthed by faith, the oil of joy allows Natasha Webster to embrace laughter and love as a single mother with two beautiful children.

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Can you think of a time when you turned to a person instead of God, and were disappointed? Did you realize at the time you were expecting more than the person was able to give?

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