Update From Karlton Douglas, Devotional Writer

Many of you asked about Karlton so I asked him if he would like to share an update on his recovery from surgery… Lisa

For those not interested in my health update, I beg your indulgence. Though being plagued with health problems for years, the past year has been surreal for me and continues to be so.

After being released from the hospital a day early, I told my wife on the way home that I always get a bit nervous when things appear to be going too well. I was right in this instance. I had had a terrible reaction to the percocet pain reliever that was prescribed to me, and by last night had a fever of 104 degrees. I’ve never had a fever that high before and I thought for awhile there that I was dying, and actually said that to the ER doctor.

Well, evidently it wasn’t my time yet. They scanned my surgery area and got my fever down and everything appears to be OK. It looks like the change in pain meds and going from getting everything through my veins to taking the stuff orally has set me back a bit, but tonight I’m doing much better.

Your prayers are much appreciated and coveted for my recovery. I have good people around me and a brother who is a registered nurse so again, I’m in good hands. It is just a matter of time and patience for my recovery and adjustment.

I thank God for each one of you and again, thanks for your prayers.

Sincerely, Karlton

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