Just Getting Through Each Day Can Be a Testimony of God’s Intervention

“Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” (2 Timothy 2:3)

Right now I’m nearly too weak to get out of bed or off my recliner. I believe God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, but I’m beginning to wonder if He is giving me too much credit.

With major surgery looming in just a couple of days I wonder where I will find the strength to get through. Just surviving each “normal” day right now seems all I can do. So how do I survive a major surgery and its aftermath?

I think there are some things you don’t get through without God’s intervention. I’ve seen Him intervene in situations before when things looked bleak. I’ve seen Him move people and circumstances so that things fall into place for my benefit. It takes trust and faith, and those are not always easy when tough circumstances loom large.

I don’t know what you are facing this day or this week, but we are all soldiers in the same army. Sometimes it feels like we are just going through the motions. Sometimes it feels like we can’t go on.

Just putting one foot in front of the other may be a huge act of faith on your part, but I believe if we will keep moving forward the Lord will see us through.

Take your cares and concerns to God. Rely upon Him when your strength is small, or nonexistent. He is our hope and strength.

Prayer: Dear Lord, You see how small our strength is, please come to our aid with Your almighty power. Amen.

About The Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He endures Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease with God’s help.

6 thoughts on “Just Getting Through Each Day Can Be a Testimony of God’s Intervention

  1. Karlton, praying for you as you go through your surgery or as you recover.

    If you read this comment, do let us know the date of the surgery. I know that these devotionals are often posted some weeks after they are submitted.

    Yes, I agree. Our only strength comes from Him, even the strength to take “one more step”. Yet when we look at all the times we have experienced such weakness as you express, it is when we take the step, that we know He is moving our feet, giving the faith to perseverance.

    Bless you,

  2. I will be storming Heaven for you as I lift you in prayer to the Great Physician.

    May the Peace of Christ be with You!

  3. Karlton, I’m praying for you. This has been a pretty good year for me so far. But, the two years before, were tough. I feel your pain. Blessings, Linda

  4. Boy, can I relate to this! I feel like I am barely treading water most days. When I do have a “good day”, I usually end up majorly overdoing it, trying to “make up” for what I can’t do normally. Then, I really pay for it.

    I will be praying for you in your upcoming (or recent?) surgery, Karlton. I will encourage you: I had a surgery I had been putting off for years because of my conditions just this past Fall. I was sure it would “do me in”, but God DID intervene, and I came through with flying colors. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I will be praying the same for you.

    God bless.

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  6. Thank you soooooo much for your honesty & God-given words for me as I was desperate tonight! I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for just over a year now & my son has had it for 6 years now….starting at age 17. The bed to the recliner is our life’s lot at the moment too. I’m coping with me, but find it desperately hard seeing my son suffer for 6 years, cutting him down in the prime of his athletic life! I praise the Lord for His faithfulness during our toughest times, but sometimes we feel overly “stretched”! Praise the Lord that He led me to your article tonight. May the Lord bless you abundantly as you continue to write, share and encourage others. You certainly encouraged me!

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