Announcement: Latte With Lisa – Completely Unfiltered

Living with illness is hard. Yes, that is nothing new that you have not heard me say before. But Thursday I felt like I was hit “hard.” It’s not life-threatening news or anything, it was just one of those “can’t I catch a break” moments. And the tears flowed. And I used the time to talk with you.

Latte with Lisa is something I usually share over on my blog at the Rest Ministries web site, but I thought some of you who may not regularly read the articles over there may find comfort in my video. . . you are not alone.

As I have prayerfully listened to God’s voice on what direction to take Rest Ministries, one of my hopes was to “connect” with you more… to share the realities of life with illness–AND the hope we CAN find in Christ.

Sure, I usually fix my makeup and put on a shirt with a collar before making a video. I try to add a bit of sparkle so I don’t scare you off (smile) and so it at least appears I know what I am doing. But sometimes a gal just has to put aside that shiny image and get real. It’s not always pretty, but it is real.

If the video below does not show up or play you can find it here on our YouTube channel.

Tell me. . . how does this make you feel? Is it comforting to know I am on the same journey? Or. . . disheartening? Do you like seeing the “real” me? Or do you prefer the more professional version that looks a bit more filtered? I’m curious to know what you think.

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12 thoughts on “Announcement: Latte With Lisa – Completely Unfiltered

  1. Oh Lisa,
    I am so sorry you are having such a trying time – believe me I can relate. My heart breaks for you because I understand the feeling of “I’m going to break….”
    I thank God for your ministry – it has encouraged me and held my hand through some rough places.
    You are precious, and know – this too shall pass….. and I don’t say that lightly.
    With Love,
    Marlene Wyant

    (this is probably “Marlene’s” thinking, but if I were you, I’d look for another Dr. – YES, steroids will cause a person to gain weight out of “no where” and if your Dr. doesn’t get that, then she needs a major refresher course) …..just sayin’ 🙂

    • Hello, Lisa. I have never been to your website before or posted here, but I found the link through Dom Bush’s fibromyalgia newsletter. I just wanted to thank you for being so real and open in your video. I can relate to so much of what you shared. I have JRA and have been on and off steroids myself. I know the side effects, physical and emotional that they cause. I’m so sorry your doctor gave you a hard time.

      Trying to “wear all the hats”: Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Child of God, etc. is exhausting to a “normal, healthy” woman, much less those of us with chronic illness. I know how those days feel when you are just overwhelmed and think, “God, how can I go on one more day?”

      Your faith and commitment to the Lord and to your ministry is so evident and so encouraging. I pray that the Lord will sustain and comfort you, just as you pray every day for the people whose lives you touch.

      God bless you, Lisa.

  2. Lisa, I am so sorry you are going through a rough time. It was so encouraging to see the beautiful woman behind the curtain! Hugs ❤ From one woman to another on steroids…It causes weight gain, sounds like your Doc needs a refresher. I struggle with my physical weakness, weight gain, the pain, new RA medications with side effects, you know the drill. But the worst of it really is the beating down of my spirit. Sometimes I just lay my head down and cry too. I think it would be inhuman for us not to have times like that. We are not designed to have to do it all, only God can do all. There is beauty in our inperfection. Sometimes I imagine crying and the Lord holding me, all the while he saying there…let it all out now…all will be well and you are precious in my sight. You are such a blessing to all and so very beautiful…God Bless You…Hugs…

  3. Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing yourself in this video. You need my doctors; God help you with the one who doesn’t know the weight gain side effects of steroids!
    All things are possible with God, and you know He will never leave you or forsake you. One good result of my chronic fatigue, fibro, lupus, degenerative disk disease, stenosis , etc, etc,….is the growth and deepening of a true and personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. You’re a precious, lovely child of the living God, and my prayer is that you will feel His arms fold around you and lift you up into his loving and compassionate love. God be with you and all of us. Amen

  4. Lisa – I LOVED your unfiltered video. You are so REAL and so BEAUTIFUL!!! I have considered making a “real me” video for the readers of my FMS/CFIDS website at, but think I would scare them by how debilitated I often get….but you have made an excellent one! My favorite part was when you said, “This is the Lisa who prays for you.” I loved your honesty and sincerity. We all hide behind too much makeup, hair styling and fashion. Only our poor husbands get to see the “real” us. As for that doctor who berated you for gaining weight while on prednisone, she is either ignorant or her turn may be coming and then she will understand. I have comfort for shell-shocked patients who have had a humiliating doctor’s visit at Thanks for making this beautiful video and letting us see the REAL Lisa. What a precious child of God you are! It was COMFORTING to know that others struggle too.

  5. Dearest Lisa,

    My heart breaks for you as I listen to you share. Thank you for being “raw” and sharing with us straight from your heart. Please feel assured that we are all in this together and really know what those days are like. It is these times when it seems as though it’s impossible to see the good in anything and want to con’t forward BUT we must lean on Him even harder than normal and allow Him to take control once again. Lisa, it is okay to be “real”; it is okay to cry; it is okay to not want to have others see us at our lowest but by sharing the real U many will find more comfort in your ministry because you were “real” to them and on their level. May God con’t to be with you and may you feel His loving arms surround you in your day. Luv ya Lisa!
    Blessings to U…

  6. I understand your position . I also took steroids and the doctors never warned me of the side effects. I was shocked and my friends suggested I go on a diet while I was barely eating to sustain strength. They did not understand. I hid out-I avoid mirrors-my face also has rounded out.
    I will never take steroids again.Never, I will continue seeking help . Yes I seek help always from the Lord for patience , many hugs to you my friend
    you have been moved up to first place on my prayer list.
    We shall fight together.

  7. Heavens girl!!! Steriods, especially at THAT dose will MOST DEFINITELY make you gain weight. Your doc is WOEFULLY under educated, bordering on ignorant!!!! I have Addison’s disease and am on the Yahoo Chat site often. Prednisone is 4 TIMES the strength of oral hydrocortisone (HC) and some of the Addison’s patients are on HC, some on Prednisone because it lingers more in the system, more like a quasi-timed release. On average, the Addison’s patients take 20-30 mg. of HC to replace the entire bulk cortisol they don’t make. Over about 4-6 months, if they made any at all, which most don’t, it shuts down whatever production the adrenals were making, so we are completely dependant on HC. That is the scary part of people taking Prednisone who don’t actually have Addison’s. So taking Prednisone at 20 mg. would be the = of 80 mg. of HC, which is a huge dose. Even at 20-30 mg. most all Addison’s patients gain weight. We all grouse about it and comment on the Buddha belly. I gained over 30 pounds in just a few months, despite various testing of saliva/blood/urine tests for Free and Total Cortisol and coming up within “limits”. When you are at that high of a dose of Prednisone, which I understand some people do need for various auto-immune problems, many times you develop similar symptoms of what a person with Cushings Disease have, which is an OVER PRODUCTION of cortisol in the system. The “moon” face is a sure giveaway!!! To see before and after pictures of me on HC are like 2 different people.

  8. I saw the video about Latte unfiltered. It was strange at first. even though we have
    different diagnoses, the thoughts were remarkably the same.
    thank you Sooooooooooooooooo mUCH.. That was the first time i have seen
    anything on this site. I wish I had heard about it sooner. I recieved the link
    from Dom’s FMS/CFIDS Newsletter. Anyway, sad to say I would have less likely
    to listened to the nfo on this site. because it would have looked to me like you had it
    all together. I definitely do not . I am struggling with sliding back into depression and anxiety. Just recently it looked like I had it more together. SIGH!
    THANK YOU for showing me I am not alone.
    I hope to come back and read more.

  9. Lisa you are incredible! I just learned of your site through Dom’s Newsletter, Having never been here I just had to view the Video… I felt it was warm and heartfelt and your doctor is a jerk.. I was just at my pc and he commented on the 13 pounds that i have put on and I just laughed at him!

    After 4 courses of steroids several med changes, the holidays, the snow days that demanded comfort food and lots of it, I thought I did real good. Heck they need to keep up, read a medical journal once in a while. you gained 4 pounds, that is not a real problem, you will lose it again when you are ready.

    Love your site and your video, Keep up the good work that you do, maybe that is what the lord wants you to do? to get people like me back into the flock or maybe to give someone like me the energy to follow a desire to start a new flock.. Who knows? but stay the course you are a good person. ((hugs))

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  11. Dear Lisa, I am so thankful for you. I am feeling your pain and just want you to know that I CARE FOR YOU! I will keep praying for you and your doctor. Sometimes they just don’t understand.

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