Announcement: Latte With Lisa – Completely Unfiltered

Living with illness is hard. Yes, that is nothing new that you have not heard me say before. But Thursday I felt like I was hit “hard.” It’s not life-threatening news or anything, it was just one of those “can’t I catch a break” moments. And the tears flowed. And I used the time to talk with you.

Latte with Lisa is something I usually share over on my blog at the Rest Ministries web site, but I thought some of you who may not regularly read the articles over there may find comfort in my video. . . you are not alone.

As I have prayerfully listened to God’s voice on what direction to take Rest Ministries, one of my hopes was to “connect” with you more… to share the realities of life with illness–AND the hope we CAN find in Christ.

Sure, I usually fix my makeup and put on a shirt with a collar before making a video. I try to add a bit of sparkle so I don’t scare you off (smile) and so it at least appears I know what I am doing. But sometimes a gal just has to put aside that shiny image and get real. It’s not always pretty, but it is real.

If the video below does not show up or play you can find it here on our YouTube channel.

Tell me. . . how does this make you feel? Is it comforting to know I am on the same journey? Or. . . disheartening? Do you like seeing the “real” me? Or do you prefer the more professional version that looks a bit more filtered? I’m curious to know what you think.

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