Fixed Post: If Your Email From Me Has 2 BARNS today…

Hi, friends!
Our web site is back up and I am still going through it to try to fix the broken links, but at least I am able to get you new devotionals and articles now. Thank you for all the prayers, patience, and personal support to me.

I have a question for you: Does this photo look familiar? (the barn over on the right?)

If your email has a template with ice tea or lemonade, you don’t have to worry about this— you are set up with our newest system and can ignore the rest of this email (whew, huh?)

But. . . if you are receiving the devotionals or our Rest Ministries emails that include this photo every day, it’s an old way that we used to get information to you. Unfortunately, we found the service undependable and it basically sends out emails when it feels like it, not at a scheduled time, it messes up the formatting, etc.

Back in August and September–before our site went down–some of you emailed me with problems you were having receiving the devotionals and it was due to the fact that you were still signed up with this older service. Once you updated it, you started receiving them again.

So. . . IF THE EMAIL you are reading right now has TWO of these little barns and is coming from the email

“; on behalf of; Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals []”

the best thing to do is unsubscribe and then resubscribe at our main page.

STEP 1: Go to the latest email and click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page that looks like this:

STEP 2: Go to and enter your name in the box that looks like this at the top of the page (with the blue push-pin)

STEP 3: Watch your email box (especially the spam folder) and you will get a confirmation email. Now you are all set and should receive emails again each morning!