Think You Are The Only One Crying About Your Illness? Jesus Weeps Too

“Jesus wept.” (John 11:35)

Before Jesus wept, the previous verses tell us that Jesus saw Mary, the sister of Lazarus, and those who were with her weeping, and He was deeply moved and troubled. We know that Jesus was not weeping for Lazarus, for He knew that within minutes Lazarus would no longer be dead.

Jesus would raise Lazarus from death, bringing him back into the world of the living. Jesus was weeping because of the suffering of Mary and her companions.

That very short verse of “Jesus wept” brings me great comfort, because it tells me that Jesus is moved by our suffering and pain, even to the point of tears. Consider that for a moment: Jesus sees our suffering and is deeply moved by it. Can you imagine Jesus weeping because of your suffering?

I don’t believe that Jesus is on a continual crying jag in heaven, but I am comforted with the fact that He is moved to compassion by what we suffer and endure on this earth. I am convinced that Jesus sees our suffering and that He cares what happens to us. He sent His Holy Spirit to comfort us in our troubles, and He lives in us through His Spirit. Yes, Jesus knows what you are going through, and He cares that you suffer and are in pain.

The next time you find yourself suffering, enduring some terrible sorrow, picture Jesus, two thousand years ago at a graveside, surrounded by people suffering terrible grief, He loved them so much that He wept with them, suffered with them, even though He knew within minutes tears of grief would be changed to tears of joy.

Someday our tears of heartache will turn to tears of joy at our own graveside leading not to death, but to eternal life. Meanwhile Jesus sorrows with us, He knows the depth of our grief and suffering, and it matters to Him, it affects Him, but joy is coming soon.

Prayer: Dear Lord, You count our tears, You know our grief and suffering, thank You that our pain and suffering matters to You. Help us not to forget that joy is coming. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease, and he takes great comfort in the compassion and love of Jesus through his affliction