When Illness is Unpredictable, It’s Good God is Never-Changing

“I the Lord do not change. . . .” (Malachi 3:6)

Our lives are filled with change. When I think back over my forty-six years of life I see a time of constant change. I’ve never been a person who adapts well to change. I like stability, dependability, and constancy, for there is a certain comfort in changeless days and nights. Yet life is more about change than stability, and I’ve had to become more philosophical about change.

In a changing world and in turbulent times it is good to know there is a source of stability, someone we can depend upon not to change, but to be forever faithful and steadfast. That someone is the Lord God Almighty. He is unchanging, always good, always just, always faithful, always forgiving. Our God is awesome in so many ways, and one of those ways is His unchanging nature.

I just read a news article that says “Personality Set For Life By First Grade” based upon a study of 2400 children. I don’t know that I fully buy that concept but it is interesting to consider that some things about us remain unchanged.

Yet there are things I know I need to change, to get a better grip on my tongue and temper, and to avoid the downward spiral of negativism. There are things that involve change that can be very good.

However, one thing in my life that I never want to change is the nature of my God. How wonderful it is to have an unchanging God who we can always depend upon no matter how much our lives may change, no matter how many obstacles block our path, no matter how many changes affect our health and well-being, God is a source of stability for us.

Prayer: Dear Lord, how wonderful it is that we can always count on You, no matter how much change comes into our lives, You are our faithful and unchanging God. Amen.

About The Author:
Karlton Douglas has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease. It is through God’s power that he continues down the path of challenges to its positive outcome.

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