“Somebody Turn on a Light!” Finding God In Dark Moments

“In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.” (John 1:4)

“Please turn the light back on!”

“Why, Lisa? What do you want to see?” asked big sister, Mary.

“I want to see the light!” replied little Lisa.

This is a cute story that happened to my sister and her friend at a sleep-over. Little sister, Lisa had to sleep in their bedroom due to lack of bedroom space.

Many of us feel the way “Little Lisa” did when we are having a “very dark day or night” of pain, fatigue, loss of sleep. It’s so easy for us to be plunged into seemingly total darkness, and we cry out to God, “Please turn Your light back on and dispel all this darkness!”

But, He seems so far away – too far to walk to reach Him in order to “turn the light switch back on.” We long to step out of the darkness and dwell in His marvelous light, where somehow, He makes it all seem less frightening and painful, and easier to deal with. But, sometimes His greatest work is done in our darkest moments.

His light is always available in many ways, even at night. Tiny fireflies outside blinking. Beautiful stars and moon – all tiny bits of His light . . .but so comforting! These remind me that the Light of God – “Jesus”, is always shining brightly–somewhere, somehow!

I just need to focus on how to “switch on that light” in my life so He can help me through these seemingly intolerable times.

He doesn’t always take away the literal darkness our bodies have cast us into at the moment? In our story above, Mary did not turn the light back on for her little sister, but gently told her that “Big sister was right there beside her. She had nothing to fear. Even in the darkness.”

Isn’t that so like our Lord, our Light?

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for being our friend who sticks closer than a brother or sister at times when we can’t seem to get out of the darkness of our illnesses and hurts in order to find the “switch” to turn Your light back on in our lives.

About the Author:
Alice Ervin chooses to not stay in the “dark places” any more than she has to. As hard as it is sometimes, she always finds a spot to stand inside her favorite circle of Light . . . Jesus!

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