When God Promises, He Delivers

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“It shall be, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud” (Genesis 9:14)

“If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh why, can’t I?”

It is approaching tornado season here in Ohio, and it brought to mind this song and story. Does it sound familiar? Of course it does. We all have watched (and listened to) Judy Garland as “Dorothy” in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz” sing this song many times. If you remember what was going on in Dorothy’s life at this point, you will know that Dorothy had just experienced going through a tornado, and in her unconscious state, was clinging to all hope that “beyond the rainbow” there was a way of getting back to the home and life she knew.

Noah had a similar experience, only in a very different way, when God shut him and his family, along with many animals inside the ark. Then He caused a great flood to cover the entire earth, destroying everyone and everything that was not in the ark.

I’m sure Noah thought many times, “What is happening, and when will it all end? Is there any hope of my getting out of this predicament, and having something good come from all of this?”

Haven’t we all felt that way at times? Does it feel like a tornado has grabbed you and flung you into a world that is not familiar at all? Do you feel at times you are shut inside an ark of sorts, and the water is rising higher and higher around you, and there is no end in sight?

I don’t have to remind you that God promised Noah, with a rainbow, that He would never again send a flood that would “destroy all flesh.” And, Dorothy did get back to her familiar surroundings – “somewhere over the rainbow.”

Beloved friends, God promises us that, even though “in this world there will be tribulations,” He has made a way of escapeā€¦..eventually. He has a rainbow in sight for all of us. If we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, and what He did for us so we could have eternal life, someday, we will be completely free of pain, trials, confusion, uncertainty, and all that this world dumps on us.

Our only hope is to remember ALL of God’s promises. “He will never leave us nor forsake us.” And, He does have a life waiting for us that is so awesome that we can’t even begin to imagine. . .”somewhere over the rainbow!”

About the Author:
Alice Ervin lives with daily pain, fatigue, and chemical sensitivities which makes it almost impossible to even go to church or the grocery store. But, she keeps the hope of someday leaving it all behind and entering the land of peace, joy, no pain, and best of all, being with her Lord and Savior, Jesus! It will be worth it all!

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