The Joy I Found Today in God’s Simple Gift

The Maine Woods: Rainbows Outside My Window

“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.” (Genesis 9:13)

Saturday evening I was about to go to bed. It was only 9:00 PM but it was bedtime for me. My pain level was high and I hoped to be comforted by my quilt, and distracted by a good book. I had prayed that afternoon for some kind of hope or comfort. My pain has been high since my broken foot was diagnosed and my multiple sclerosis advanced. It has been a long season of pain.

But I had a strong feeling that I should stay up. It almost felt like a command! So, I lay on the couch and was looking out our front window. The front of our house is on a hill and our living room has a 9 foot picture window. Every season here is a wonder. Severe storms had just gone by. The air was crisp and filled with evening birdsong. The large shade tree near our house was budding out and everything looks a vivid color of green. It did feel nice and quiet resting on the couch with my husband reading in his chair near me. I sighed contently and watched the birds in the trees.

Suddenly I saw a large, full, brightly colored rainbow! It was so big across our side of the hill that the rest of the sky fairly glowed! I started shouting! “Oh Wow! Oh Wow!” I clamored to get off the couch and to the window. With my illness, you must realize that my days of hoping off the couch are long past!

My poor husband is saying, “What? What?” as his excited wife is flipping around on the sagging couch trying to get into the position to stand. I made it to the window and shrieked, “A rainbow! Just for me!” I hobbled over to the side window so I could see the rainbow more fully. A double rainbow!
My husband helped me hobble back through the living room and down the 3 steps across the porch.

Instead of bed I was given the gift of experiencing a rainbow, and feel the cool breeze blow across my face. I stood still just drinking it all in while listening to the birds sing after the rain. For someone who is basically homebound it was a wondrous thing!

I know my Father told me to stay up. He had something He wanted to show me.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

About the Author:
Sandra Platt is a minister’s wife and mother of 2. She lives in a beautiful area of rural Southern Indiana. She has had fibromyalgia for 19 years, and more recently has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is owned and cared for by two spoiled 15-year-old cats. She is so thankful for the friendships she has made with Rest Ministries, and welcomes any comments by her readers.

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