Beautiful Prayer Journal Has Free Download

From Lisa…

This is a resource that I found and am passing along from They share the following about the author of the prayer journal, Wendi.

Wendi Westmoreland is a woman who prays. She provides thoughtful instruction and examples from her own prayer life in this prayer journal as she let’s you in on a bit of the journey she has walked with the Lord. Wendi has put her heart and prayers into this exceptional resource, so we invite you to download it . . .and pray.

I would let you hear from you below in the comments section if you typically use some kind of prayer journal. Do you use something that guides your prayers, or simply a blank journal or you can write your prayers out? Do you journal about your prayer life, or about specific people who are on your prayer list?

I always kept a journal for many years, and it became a prayer journal because every entry seemed to start with “Dear God” and end with an actual prayer written down. When I started to get rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, I grieved the loss of being able to write for very long and basically had to relearn how to pray. I still miss the ability to write pages and pages of journaling that is essentially an outpouring of prayer to the Lord.

I am curious about your experience! Please share and encourage all of us!

Download Your Free Prayer Journal Here

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Prayer Journal Has Free Download

  1. I love my prayer journals:) Since I was a young girl i started journeling and I have saved them all! It started out just writing my feelings down and writing poetry to describe those feelings, but in Sept of 87 after I got saved , those journals have become so much more meaningful to me, my letters and responses from God. My kids or my sisters and brothers all know I can never have enough journals, so I usually get one or 2 a year as a gift. I try to model my prayers after “The Lords Prayer” Praise,Thanks, forgiveness, and requests but sometimes I just write whatever is coming from my heart in whatever order it comes. Yes I love my journaling, and someday all my journals will be passed along to my grandchildren…that way they can know how Grandma found strength in the Lord through difficult times and about how wonderful and loving Jesus is<3

  2. Lisa

    An older friend of mine who I treasure very much and value her opinion taught me to get a journal book (an empty book) and write the date at the top of the page and then write down everyone and everything that I wanted to pray for / about including praises for answered prayer.

    I have used that for a while now and while it is not anything written in sentences, I can look back at past days and see when I’ve prayed for people or things and how those prayers have been answered in later posts.

    I’m sure that there are many ways of doing this but this works for me.

    However, I have fowarded the link to the prayer journal that you sent to my husbands computer at work and he is going to print it out tomorrow morning. I look forward to looking through it to see how I can improve on my journalling.

    Praying for you and your family and ministry.


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