My Will Is a Gift to God

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“Now, who is willing to consecrate himself today to the Lord?” (1 Chronicles 29:5)

In the passage preceding today’s verse, King David lists items he contributed to the temple of God. As I read the list, King David’s question challenged me in a different way.

I asked myself, “Am I willing to consecrate myself to the Lord today?” Going even deeper than that, I needed to determine what, if anything, I would consecrate.

These reflections made me realize that my will is a gift to God. For it is by my will that I determine to say yes to the Lord – to His will, His way, His purpose. Yes to the chronic illness that I struggle to accept, even after such a long time. Yes to faith instead of fear. Yes to love instead of bitterness and hate. Yes to compassion instead of criticism.

This passage shows David giving of his material wealth, but David also gave his life and heart to God. Can I say the same?

Sometimes, I find it easier to give to the church and charities, while it is so much harder to surrender everything concerning my physical health to God. My head acknowledges that God knows best, but my heart sometimes has a hard time accepting the reality of my suffering. Will I find the courage to say Yes, Lord, even when it involves making peace with limitations that I may face for the rest of my life?

No matter how often I may despair of a life filled with chronic illness, I know that God loves me, and I truly desire that He gets the glory from my life. Ultimately, I surrender to Him. I offer the gift of my life to use as He pleases, even when it doesn’t come from a “perfect vessel.”

Father, we praise you for whatever state we find ourselves in today. We trust that our lives are a part of Your perfect plan. As we submit our wills to You, give us the courage to do the work that You have called us to do.

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Dorothea Love lives in California with her husband and their two teenagers. Although she has endured the challenges of several chronic conditions for over 20 years, she trusts in God’s grace to help her get through each day. You may email her at:, or leave a comment and read some of her other works at:

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