Only With God’s Strength

A basic digital clock radio with analog tuning

“. . .Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit says The Lord.” (Zechariah 4:6)

My eyes open after my ears some mornings, as the sound of the radio wakes me. Mostly, however, my eyes open to the glow of the alarm clock/radio beside my bed, glaringly reminding me I could have slept a few more hours. It is then the battle to return to sleeping begins.

I live every day with the affects of chronic illness, some days, though, are much worse than others. Just as it was the other morning, I woke to silence and darkness except for the glow of the alarm clock. My mind began its own argument:

Go back to sleep!
I’m trying!
Stop thinking about work! Pray!
What did I need from the grocery store?
Why are you thinking about that now? Ugh, go to sleep!

My battle was lost to wakefulness, so I tossed and turned and every so often glared back at the clock that seemed to race ahead to the time I needed to get up to go to work. As the clock mocked my desire for sleep the radio alarm jolted me from my prayer “O God how am I going to get through another day with so little . . .”

“Not by might, not by poooooowwwweeeeeer, but byyyyyyyyy my spirit says the Loooord”

An angelic voice sang the answer to my prayer.

It is so often the case that we have so many ‘How’s’, ‘Why’s’, ‘What Ifs’ and ‘Cannots’ yet God’s answer is “Give it to Me, My Spirit is the answer. I will do it for you and through you”.

Your might may have gone
Your power may have fled
But Gods power is always right there
By His Spirit you’ll be lead.
Trust Him every day to
Carry you all the way through.
Your burdens He will carry
His promises are true.

About the Author:
Julie Munro lives in New Zealand and is mother to a wonderful daughter who is pursuing a career in Radio. Julie lives with “invisible illnesses” that God is using to teach her lessons she many never have learned.

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