God’s Perfect Peace

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“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in You.” (Isaiah 26:3)

Perfect peace is hard to imagine when life is consumed by a chronic illness. So much of our daily life fluctuates and is uncertain. Because we need to be able to adapt quickly, we have very little room to strive for perfection. Many days, “good enough or average” becomes our perfection.

Our mornings usually predict the type of challenges we will have to manage – mobility; pain; hope; depression; independence; or dependence on others for our most basic needs. A lot of the time, we have no control over our days. We want to handle our chores and errands, but we can’t.

As I have walked this road of chronic illness, I constantly remind myself of Romans 12. It is a daily endeavor for me to focus on God and not my physical symptoms. I realize that no matter what my physical limitations may be or how often my situation may change, I have constant control over my mind – my thoughts and my emotions.

When I open my eyes and realize that my day will be a day of difficulty, I may have a moment of dread, but I make myself find one reason to praise God. Before long, that one thing has multiplied, and my initial feeling of despair has changed to trust in God to get me through whatever the day may bring. One of my favorite promises in scripture is God’s promise never to leave us or forsake us. It is impossible for me to count the number of times that this promise has been true in my life. As I learn to surrender my desire for physical wholeness to His greater plan for my life, I am able to see His ever-present hand of mercy at work.

As we learn to focus on God, on His abilities, His strength, and His goodness, we will find ourselves centered in His perfect peace.

Prayer: Father, help us to keep our minds focused on You. Grant us Your perfect peace as we live our days for Your glory.

About the Author:
Dorothea lives in California with her husband and their teenagers. After living with chronic illness for over twenty years, she has learned to trust in God’s grace to get her through each day. You may email her at dorothea.love@yahoo.com or go to http://www.restministriessunroom.ning.com/profile/DorotheaLove to leave a comment and read some of her other works.

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