In Search of Dogwood

Picture of a Dogwood tree flower
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“There is a time for everything; and a season for every activity under heaven,” (Eccl 3:1,2).

After suffering for years with seizure disorder and depression, I have learned to find great comfort and healing in nature. Whether through the majesty of a beautiful sunrise or the way a bird soars with grace over still calm waters, I am often moved by the beauty He gives us to enjoy. One morning I sat beside the lake enjoying the peaceful surroundings. As the sun rose over the tree line, it seemed I was watching the world awaken. I recalled a favorite picture my daughter had taken last summer of a dogwood tree in full bloom.

I walked over to where I remembered the tree to be and wondered if I would recognize it.  I don’t know what a dogwood looks like without the flowers, I thought. I soon realized the Lord was showing me a simple but profound truth. The fact that I may not recognize it as a dogwood would not change the fact that it is the absence of the blossoms simply indicate that it is in another season of its life.

The blossoms are not gone, they just lie dormant. The plant actually gets stronger every year building on previous growth and preparing to be revived again in the spring. The one who created it could still see its full potential in the absence of the blossoms.

Like the dogwood tree we also experience seasons. When suffering with chronic illness it’s easy to become discouraged and feel that we are not reaching our full potential. As I reflect on this truth, I realize God wants to bring comfort to my heart and calm my anxious thoughts about where I feel I fall short and what I’ve yet to accomplish. He also desires that I would not compare myself with the success or achievements of others, but find rest in Him. There is nothing to compare. They are both beautiful and majestic in their own way and they are simply content being what they were created to be and just like them, He calls us beautiful.

Rene’ Lackey lives in North Richland Hills, Tx with two teenage daughters. After facing many challenging health problems she discovered writing and photography as a source of joy and fulfillment. After experiencing a season of doubt and hopelessness, she enjoys sharing her journey of discovery of God’s faithfulness with others.

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