Hold On

My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. (Psalm 63:8 NIV)

One of the few pleasures I have left is doing simple decorating for holidays. I used to be a “go-all-out person” and had tubs of decorations that I’d change as the seasons and holidays changed. I have had to give that up. The lugging the tubs up and down the stairs. Standing, placing things just so. It just got to be too much effort. Even our Christmas decorations are minimal – the less I put up – the less I have to put away.

There is one thing I still enjoy doing though. That is putting up those little vinyl “clingies” (for lack of knowing their real name) that you peel off paper and press on windows or mirrors. That much I can still do! The little kid in me enjoys them. When I first saw them, I marveled at how simple it was to apply them. Put them up to the window – and “Presto!” – they stuck! These once limp little forms take on the solidity of the glass they cling to. Amazing!

I heard a message the other day that included the above verse – clinging to God no matter what happens in our lives. I visualize myself as one of those little “clingies”, and my God as the solid glass I am holding on to. The clingy is completely reliant on the glass it adheres to, to hold it up – much like the way I am completely reliant on God to hold on to me and not let me fall.

I realized that I can let nothing get in the way of my clinging to God – though in truth, it is He who holds me up. This seems to be an ongoing lesson for me. Now, I can smile as I picture myself clinging solidly to God – knowing that no matter what comes – He will hold this fragile and weak little clingy in place!

Prayer: Father God, I thank you that you will hold on to me as I cling to You. On my own, I am fragile and weak, yet when I cling to you, I have all the strength I need, found in You. Amen.

deni believes that the only true way to deal with chronic pain and chronic illness is to bring them to the feet of her Lord and Savior. Her multiple illnesses (Celiac Sprue, Atrial Fibrillation, Ankylosing Spondylitis, to name a few) have taught her many things about herself and her Christian walk. It is her fondest prayer that some of her words might be encouraging to others as they walk the path of chronic illness. deni can be reached at denipath4change@yahoo.com. Her webpage is http://www.pathwaysforchange.com/Encouragement