Come Away and Rest

“I would hurry to my place of shelter, far from the tempest and storm.” (Psalm 55:8 NIV)

We are often exhorted in Scripture to cast our cares on the Lord so that he can sustain us. This tells me that such times are inevitable. Psalm 55 is filled with the cries of one who is distraught, and is in need of the comfort of a calm shelter.

Jesus himself needed a respite from the crowds, and the demands that drained his human body. He sought times alone with his Father. Their relationship gave him direction. It also provided solace and peace-filled restoration.

If Jesus needed this kind of rest, how much more are we in need of the same? We see an example for us in what he did. Our physical and emotional challenges can intensify and weary us. We are to set aside time to be renewed with the energy and encouragement to persevere.

How do you rest and find refuge in overwhelming times? Are you someone who can get away from your home? I have experienced times of refreshment in God’s magnificent creation, most often in a quiet and natural environment where his beauty is manifested. Are you homebound? I know that I can find rest in recalling places I once visited. I thank God for such memories that remain fresh within me. He blessed me with the events that created the memories in the first place. He was present with me when they occurred. He is also present with me as I rest in the joy of them again.

In truth, wherever we are, God is ever near. He asks for our attention to be focused on him alone. He loves us for we are his own. Any place can become a place of rest if we can stop, relax, and allow God to meet us where we are. He is our rest. Let’s allow him to reveal his nearness and his perpetual care.

Prayer: Lord, help me to turn my attention to you alone, and allow you to be my refuge. You are ever ready to shelter me and strengthen me. I am ever grateful for your faithfulness to me. Amen.

Lynn Severance is a retired elementary classroom teacher. She lives in Lynnwood, WA. She writes to encourage others as God has encouraged her during 26 years of living with daily physical challenges.