God’s Rainforest

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Genesis 1:1 NIV)

When I was away recently, I was visiting some World Heritage listed rainforest. I happen to really love rainforests and have been lucky to visit lots of different rainforest areas within Australia and some places overseas.

I’ve heard a lot of different guides, talk about what makes up a rainforest and the things that make it what it is. From the strangler figs and epiphytes that grow on other trees, to the tiny fungus and ferns that cover the forest floor and make homes for other things. The way that plants fight for light to give them the nourishment they need, that causes the canopy to rise so high above us. I also love the fact that its usually quiet in the forest, especially in a beech forest where the tiny leaves cover the ground and seem to muffle your steps.

This time however, I had opportunity to walk on a purpose built walkway that took us gradually through the forest and even had a tower up to the top of the canopy, so we could observe the different things at various heights within the rainforest canopy. Our guide explained to us how the forest is self-perpetuating, doesn’t waste anything, but makes use of the fallen or dead tree, or even that artificial things dumped in a forest area, like plane wrecks, can become part of an ever-changing, forest that never stops growing and changing.

As I looked at the intricately created forest all around me, I was in awe of a God who planned all of this. How could people believe that it is just the result of a “big bang”?

God didn’t make rainforests by accident, He planned the intricate way that all the plants would inter-relate and grow together to benefit each other. Just as in the same way, He created you and I. God knew what He was doing, He has a plan for us and for each individual life. But I believe He also plans that we will inter-relate with each other and grow to reach our potential together.

As I left, I thanked God again for his wonderful creation, of us and of the rainforests.

Fiona Burrows lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has chronic back pain and is learning to be grateful for the lessons God is teaching her through it.