Are We One of God’s Special Flowers?

“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up.” James 4:10

Have you ever heard anyone call somebody else a pansy? Weren’t they, in essence telling them that they were weak and not of much good? That is what I always thought, and it would have hurt my feelings if someone would have said that to me.

It is spring here where I live, and the flowers are beginning to come up, trees are blossoming, and it’s beautiful. New life springing up all around us.

But, as I listened to the weather man the other night, he was saying that a round of cold weather was headed our way once again. That transition from winter to spring is always a fight between to two to see who will win.

The weather man told us that if we had plants or flowers that we didn’t want to freeze, or maybe be frosted by a slight layer of snow, we should cover them up for the night. ALL BUT THE PANSIES!

I thought, “What!” Why just the pansies?”

He went on to say that pansies are a very hardly plant/flower that will bend over and almost lay on the ground when hit by cold and snow, etc., making you think they are dead. But, at the first hint of sunshine on them, they bounce right back up to a standing position, looking at us so proudly with their “smiley faces” for which they are known.

I thought how much I feel like those pansies at times. I literally feel like I am so low that there is no way for me to ever bounce back with enough energy to be of any good to anybody.

But, then I feel the touch of God’s “Son-shine” in and on me – maybe just for a short time, but enough so that I am able to reach out to others with a smile, a touch, or an encouraging word.

From now on, when I hear someone call another a pansy, I think I will tell them that I am a pansy, too, and so proud to be one. Then I will explain why.

How thankful I am to know God uses even the small things to bless others. May we all be “pansies for the Lord!”

Alice Ervin lives with various chronic illnesses which causes her to feel as if she is on a roller coaster at times. Pain, fatigue, chemical sensitivities, which hold her almost housebound. But, she is ever aware of how blessed she is to know she doesn’t have to fight these problems alone. “Her battles are the Lords!” as a young man one said as he faced “his giant!”

3 thoughts on “Are We One of God’s Special Flowers?

  1. Oh Alice! How I can identify with you and that sweet, flexible, hardy little pansy!

    And also, with the changeable weather in the spring. Yesterday the high here in Saskatchewan was about 17C. (63F.) and sunny and today it was snowing!

    If the Lord helps me to remember, I think I’ll try to think of myself as one of God’s special flowers more often.

    An uplifting devotional as always. Thank you so much!

    Grace & peace to you, dear sister! ♥

  2. Hi Alice!

    Oh, what a treat to see your name and then a HUGE treat to read your thoughts about pansies. I’ve always found them a cheerful flower and yet they do look very fragile.

    You paint such a wonderful lesson for all of us as your devotional unfolds. Now I LOVE pansies and all because of your thoughts about them.

    Just think how many lives have been touched by your words and we will never see that flower again without feeling stronger ourselves or knowing we can gain the strength we need by turning towards the “Son-shine”!

    I’ll carry these thoughts for a long time, Alice. Thank you for putting them together so that I can.

    Bless you!

  3. Hi Alice,

    I remember you said you wanted to write about pansies! I’ve always loved pansies, but will now look at them differently as I didn’t know what you said about them. Not that ours get snow, but they wilt that way with the heat too, then seem to revive. Such a wonderful picture of how our lives seem,- often like a rollercoaster.

    Hope your day is on the “up”.

    I’m always so blown away by how these devotionals reach to right where we are – your’s especially.


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