Travel Accessories

“You have not handed me over to the enemy but have set my feet in a spacious place,” Psalm 31:8 (NIV)

Am I spending my life in spacious places? My view can seem confining as others hustle by me. But does active always mean productive and what defines productive? I am in need of a definition! As I commit each of my days to the Lord, I believe He is the one who defines what is productive for me.

I themed a piece of writing some years ago as to how each of us is traveling the same road but each of us is wearing different shoes. God determines the kind of footwear He hands us for our journey. We decide whether to accept our traveling shoes or not. They come laced with His grace for the job at hand. They come with His promise to travel with us as He knows the way

He has ordained that we go. Others’ footwear may look more stylish but in His eyes we are right in step with what He wants. God loves and cherishes each one of us. He sees each of us as equal and longs that we see one another in the same way.

We are stepping out in style with our perfect travel companion! Sometimes we may need sprinting shoes; other times hiking boots for the heavy terrain and endurance for the trails. Perhaps He has chosen a pair of dancing shoes for some moments of unexpected joy or cushy slippers after a hard day. Ah, then there are the times we can go barefoot and rest in green pastures. All times are productive if God has called us to them and He gives us all we need during this trip called life. So, let’s thank Him, smile at our fellow travelers in their footwear and cheer them on as we travel together.

Lord, I thank You that You accessorize my journey through life: You give Yourself as my guide, your grace, perfectly fitted footwear, help so I can accept your will for me, your eyes that value my efforts, others to accompany me and a song in my heart. What a grand fashion parade!

Lynn Severance is a retired elementary classroom teacher. She is single and lives alone in Lynnwood, WA. She writes to encourage others as God has encouraged her during 26 years of living with daily physical challenges.