Are You Following The Crowd?

“But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask for Barabbas and to have Jesus executed.” (Matthew 27:20, NIV)

Are you like most people you do what seems right or follow the crowd? As long as it doesn’t hurt any one or break any laws we tend to be followers. Yes there are those who are leaders but most of us grab an idea or a thought and we run with it. We get caught up in moments where we are just like everybody else.

That is what happened when Jesus was condemned to death. The people got caught up in a moment and followed bad advice and began to cheer crucify him. They would not listen to reason nor did they think of who Jesus was they just got caught up in the moment. There were a few who tried to yell to not crucify him but they were outnumbered by the crowd.

The ironic thing is these were the same people who just a week before were throwing palm branches down for a little donkey traveling through the streets carrying the king of kings.

Are we like those who worshipped him one day then the next turned and said crucify him by getting caught in a moment?

We need to be on guard that we never let the crowd dictate our feelings or where we stand on an issue.

Stand for Jesus no matter what the crowd says. We need to be so tuned into Jesus that no matter what happens around us we will be able to let it bounce off of us through the Holy Spirit.

Father help us to remember this day that your son Jesus is what our lives are all about and that we will always stand up for him and be strong in him.

Pastor Pat Dittert lives in a berm home in Central Iowa with his lovely wife Nancy and 5 fur babies. Pat lives with Chronic Pain from a number of surgeries and injuries. Brain Tumor surgery left him disabled and unable to do most physical activities. He is also a survivor of Cancer and now has 4 stints in his heart. Pat has several Internet Ministries, and is a freelance writer with Christian newspapers, books, Internet, etc. His Devotional page is… Contact him at: