I will say of the LORD He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Whom I trust, ( Psalm 91: 2  NIV)

I was thrilled when my doctor suggested a hot tub to relieve my aches and pains. Although the idea may seem frivolous to some, they have been proven beneficial for many people. It has become a ritual for me to get in it often and soak away the pain of fibromyalgia. The warm water is a wonderful temporary respite, and the time spent in the hot tub is just the boost I need to help me finish the day. Not only does it make me feel better physically, but the spa has become a sort of refuge where I can leave my problems behind and talk to God. Sometimes, I even sing. The hum of the jets protects anyone but me and God from hearing my off-key vocal offerings. He listens to my singing, and my ramblings and understands when I dont feel like folding the laundry or mopping the floor. The only thing he asks of me is my faithfulness. Spending precious time with God while my pain drifts away in the bubbles gives me new strength. I emerge from the spa feeling soothed, satisfied, and loved. When I feel helpless and hopeless, Gods promises flow through my life and comfort me, just like the bubbles in the hot tub. The spa is a mechanical thing that relaxes me and prompts me to focus on Him. It reminds me there is no greater refuge than God. Prayer: Father God, I come to you so humbly, knowing I cannot do everything I used to do. I just ask that you help me to concentrate on the things that I still can do, and to always do them for your glory. Father, I thank you for being my refuge, my fortress, and my comforter. Forgive my weaknesses and give me the strength to honor you always. Amen Betty Castleberry is a free lance writer who loves writing for The Lord. She is a retired-early-by-choice RN who lives in Texas with her husband and three parrots. Her interests include reading, gardening, and church activities.