Dancing In The Rain

“I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”  John 14:3 (NIV)

Several years ago I purchased some Christmas cards that I really like. They have been an encouragement to me as my chronic illnesses cause increasing limitations. The poem on the front of this greeting card goes like this:

God gives us breath

That we may sing.

God gives us all the earth

That we may plant faithful gardens.

God gives us the promise

Of His second coming

That we may dance in the rain.

For some of us, singing is beyond our ability to do. We scarcely can take the next breath, let alone sing. But we can sing in our minds, singing praises to our wonderful Lord.  For others, the idea of planting a physical garden is beyond imagination. But we can plant a garden in our hearts, a garden of gratitude, praise, and worship to our King.

Those of us who live with physical disability may say to ourselves, “There is no way that I can dance, let alone dance in the rain!”   Sometimes my struggle with chronic illness is like an unending storm. I yearn to be free of the physical and emotional pain. But Jesus’ love enables me to dance even in the pouring rain.

Jesus left His disciples—and us—the promise that He has prepared a place for us. He said He will come back for us.

Prayer: Father, help us to refocus our attention on what we CAN do instead of what our illnesses have taken from us. And encourage our pain-damaged hearts with the reassurance that Jesus will indeed come back to take us home to be with You forever.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR  Sande Huffman lives with several chronic illnesses in Denver, CO. Her hope for eternity is found in God’s promise that He is preparing a place for her and will come back for her.