Unexpected Gifts

"When Moses’ hands grew tired they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up – one on one side, one on the other – so that his hands remained steady till sunset." (Exodus 17:12 NIV)

I have been overwhelmed by the support, goodness and help of so many people as I have gone through surgeries, procedures, treatment and tests. My co-worker’s have amazed me with their acts of kindness and love. New friends and old friends have also helped in so many ways.

One of the hardest things for me to physically do anymore is get around using my walker. It has been hard for me to put my independent nature on the back burner and allow others to help me get places using a transport wheelchair.

Just when I thought I had given over that independent nature to Him, it reared its head on Christmas Eve. I was scheduled to lector at Christmas Eve services and not at all sure how I was going to accomplish getting on the altar and to the place where I would proclaim The Word. There is a great distance to walk and then stairs to navigate. Stairs and I haven’t been friends in awhile!

A new friend of mine insisted on using the transport chair to get me to the altar and I managed to negotiate the stairs without major mishap. I thought, “O.K., fine, I can take it from here.” But, my friend insisted on staying beside me. I balked at this, my independent streak kicking into full swing, trying to explain that I would be fine doing it on my own. My friend basically ignored me saying, “I am going to sit with you and help if you need it. Don’t even bother arguing with me.”

When I read the passage above, Moses had no problem allowing Aaron and Hur to help him. With their assistance he was able to hold the staff up until sunset. A lesson for all of us who struggle with allowing others to help. Without my friend assisting, I may not have been able to proclaim God’s Word. When it came right down to it, proclaiming The Word was more important to me than staking my claim on independence.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for those who surround us during our weary times. We are grateful that You use servants who listen to Your voice and are Your hands and Your feet. Amen

Denny Dowd lives in Pennsylvania with her cat, Shamrock. Denny is a social worker and she enjoys writing, reading, and volunteering. Denny is the world’s biggest Notre Dame Football fan. Denny lives with Chronic Inflammatory Demylineating Polyneuropathy and Cancer and has strong faith that God will see her through even the most difficult of days