Prayer….Eloquent or Simple

"This, then, is how you should pray:
Our Father in heaven." (Matt. 6:9a NIV)
In my many years of Ministry I have found that one of
the biggest subjects presented to me is…  "What is
prayer?" and,  "I don’t know how to pray."
Many times we take something that is really quite simple
and we make it much more complicated than it really has
to be.
I think prayer is one of those issues. And boy do we ever
need to know how to pray as we deal with the Chronic
Pain and the illnesses that are in our lives.
You may hear lovely and elloquently spoken prayers and
wonder… "Can I pray like that?" or "Do I have to pray like
that to get through to God?"
No we don’t, thank God. The wonderful thing about being
a child of God is we have the right to go to God as a little
child would go to a loving parent. No big fancy words needed.
God only expects to hear from us as we are. He loves us
unconditionally, just like we are and just who we are.
It’s quite like talking to our best friend, or someone that
we know and trust and do not have to be afraid of, and
can totally be ourself with.
Let us take that time daily to feel free to talk to our best
friend…Jesus. He is our best friend you know.What better
One to share our deepest thoughts and our dreams with!
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Nancy Dittert (Founder & Overseer of Fibro/Chronic
Pain Support Ministry) lives in a berm home in Rural
Central Iowa with her husband & soul mate Patrick,
4 cats and a Lab/Sharpei dog. Nancy & Patrick are
both pastors, retiring early because of illness.Nancy
lives with Severe Fibromyalgia, Absence Seizures and
Neuropathy, and her husband had a brain tumor that
left him disabled. They are still actively involved
in Prayer Group, and Chronic Pain Support Ministry
through theInternet and as Christian Freelance writers.
Write Nancy at and visit her
Chronic Pain Web Site at…

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