Beware of Busyness

“Be still, and know that I am God … (Psalm 46:10, NIV).

During Christmas, New Years, and other busy times of the year, those of us who are ill and female needed to especially beware of exchanging our normal everyday attire for the red cape and diamond tiara of Wonder Woman.  Instead of rushing into the frenzied planning of the holidays or any special event, let’s strive to practice the inner beauty of self-control, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “the act, power or habit of keeping one’s energies under control of the will.”  This Fruit of the Spirit is often forgotten during seasons of busyness.

Those of us with chronic illness/pain ought to be thankful that we have built-in energy limitations.  Rest becomes my main priority.  Daily, I have to practice the discipline of pacing, resting and setting limits.  Like me, many of you have probably learned that when we try to do it all, we are not having a ball, as the saying goes.  We are left feeling grumpy and totally exhausted. 

I believe that busyness (and not just during the holidays) is one of Satan’s key strategies to keep us from spending time with Christ.  It wasn’t Martha that Jesus commended, but Mary, for sitting at His feet (Luke 10:38-42).  Martha’s preparations might have been unnecessarily elaborate, as are many of our holiday preparations.  Mary, however, knew that listening to Christ was “an extraordinary opportunity to be given preference over other less important concerns.”  Jesus makes it very clear in this passage that nothing is as important in life as daily communion with Him. 

How did you spend the holidays this year?  Was it rushing around needlessly or setting aside quality time to spend with the Prince of Peace?  Since Christ is the only One who can give true meaning and purpose to our lives, wouldn’t it have been better to focus on Him?  Let’s choose the better part, like Mary did, and have a meaningful, Christ-centered holiday season and throughout the New Year. 

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, Help us to spend this holiday season seeking You.



Tammi has suffered with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (or “CFIDS”) for almost fifteen years.  When able, she enjoys swimming, cooking, sewing, writing and traveling.  Tammi’s passion is encouraging others with chronic illnesses to draw closer to Jesus Christ and find hope and strength in Him.  Take a minute to visit her website at