Grace For The New Year

My grace is sufficient for you"  (2 Corinthians 12:9b NIV)
We have had a long season of ice and snow here in
Central Iowa and as of late I have been longing for the
color green, and new little things of color sprouting up
from the earth. I know that it’s way too early to start
thinking about flowers and lush green grass… but all
the same I am hoping perhaps it might come just a little
early this year.

I am often that way with my pain as well. Oh dear
Lord if You could just heal me now so I could go back to

the way I used  to be and I could do all the things I want to
do. That would be wonderful wouldn’t it!

But we need to take our days… day by day and seek the

Lord’s grace and goodness each day as it comes, trusting
God to see us through and to know what is best for us. He
has us in the palm of His hand.

His grace is sufficient for us. God will never allow us to

suffer or endure more than we have going on in our
lives, or more than we can bear.

Let us look forward to each day as it comes in our new year

rejoicing that we are in God’s favor and we are His beloved
children right here on this earth. We have all of God’s promises
that are in the Bible.

Father we ask for your grace and mercy as we venture
into the new Year. Help us to take one day at a time trusting

You that You have all in control and we can rest assured
of your care and love for us. In Jesus we ask… Amen

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Nancy Dittert (Founder & Overseer of Fibro/Chronic
Pain Support Ministry) lives in a berm home in Rural
Central Iowa with her husband & soul mate Patrick,
4 cats and a Lab/Sharpei dog. Nancy & Patrick are
both pastors, retiring early because of illness.Nancy
lives with Severe Fibromyalgia, Absence Seizures and
Neuropathy, and her husband had a brain tumor that
left him disabled. They are still actively involved
in Prayer Group, and Chronic Pain Support Ministry

through theInternet and as Christian Freelance writers.
Write Nancy at  and visit her
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