It’s OK To Cry

“Jesus wept.”  (John 11:35 NIV).

My emotions are running rampant. I find myself crying easily, during TV shows, conversations, reading emails. Yesterday, our dog of fourteen years died after a battle with cancer. Today, I read about a little girl with terminal cancer who has no family sitting by her bedside all day to comfort her. Another little boy, only eighteen months old, is fighting neuroblastoma and kidney failure. I know each of us experience some sort of chronic illness and pain. There are so many suffering, so I can’t help but ask, “God, Why?”

Jesus answered me as I read John 11. He truly knows our pain. He felt grief when loved ones died, and suffered a horribly torturing death. So as I weep, I know my Savior is weeping with me.

We have an eternal paradise ahead of us, but the ‘here and now’ is painful. Jesus taught us it’s OK to cry, OK to feel what we feel. We are human, created to feel joy, but also to feel pain and grief. So today, instead of fighting off the usual urging to be ‘tough’ and ‘cope’, we can accept that sometimes it’s OK to cry, just like Jesus did. We feel, because God made us this way.

We can’t change our human condition and it’s not for us to decide when our time here is done. Thankfully, that’s God’s job. All we can do in the midst of our emotions is reach out to others who are suffering, be there to offer comfort, and share God’s love and His promise of eternity.  And yes, feel. And as we try to comfort others, may we also know and receive the comfort of God’s loving arms around each of us.

Today, let us give our emotions to God and know that He feels them with us. Funny, a cloudburst of rain started falling as I’m writing this. Tears from Heaven – God, You truly are amazing!

Prayer: “Dear God, Sometimes its so hard to cope with all that we’re feeling. Take our pain and grief, give us comfort and help us go on. Amen.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Doris Farley experiences chronic pain that began after an accident.  Her circumstances have led to an unexpected, life-changing spiritual journey that has renewed her commitment to our Lord. She thanks God for reaching her and prays that God will show you His comfort in all your suffering