Guided By An Angel

"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by
so doing some people have entertained angels
without knowing it."  (Hebrews 13:2 NIV)

A few years ago we received a call from a friend
saying there was an old man at one of our local
convenience stores in town and he needed a place
to stay.  Being Pastors we began to wonder about
this man and why he couldn’t stay in a Motel.
I went to the store and talked to the man. He was
an elderly man who actually was wealthy. He drove a
big fancy car. He walked slowly and  talked slowly
as well. His mind was also slow, either from Dementia
or Alzheimers. We found out by talking to him that
he also had Emphysema. He said he had come from
another state. He said He was coming to a small town
near us to say good bye to his wife who was buried in
a cemetary there before he died.
We gave him a meal, and let him stay in our camper that
night. The next morning when we got up he was gone.
No sign of him anywhere.  We do not know what time
he left or got up.  When we went out to check the
camper it was clean and nice.
You see sometimes God puts strangers in our lives to
see how we will react. Also to teach us lessons.
This man may have been an Angel, we do not know.
I tried to follow up by trying to find out if his wife was
truly buried in the small town but was unable to ever
find out.
God gives everyone of us a uniqueness, that is all of
our own, some are healthy, other have disabilities like
the elderly gentleman, others are great orators for God,
and still others want to just be in a corner and be unseen
and unheard.  This man had a uniqueness. He was unique
because he came from a long way off to find the love of
his life.
Doesn’t this story sound uniquely familiar?  How about
Jesus? He came into many towns as a stranger, some
accepted him, others rejected him!  We could have
rejected the old man…  made him go away,,, but I
remember a verse that I learned that says to entertain
strangers, for some have entertained Angels unaware.
Unfortunately, Jesus is a stranger in a lot of hearts and
churches today.  All he wants is to come in and dwell
with you. It costs nothing, and he will sweep us
clean and forgive us of your sins.  I am not saying the
old man was an Angel, however he was a very unique,
quiet man who knew his mission and he was set to fulfill it.
What about you? Do you have purpose in life?  Do you
have a planned route or mission that you want to
Let Jesus in and he will give you the confidence, 
the mission and plan that you need to make your life
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Pastor Pat Dittert lives in a berm home in Central Iowa with
his lovely wife Nancy and 5 fur babies. Pat lives with Chronic
Pain from a number of surgeries and injuries. Brain Tumor
surgery left him disabled and unable to do most physical
activities. He is also a survivor of Cancer and has 2 stints in
his heart. Pat has several Internet Ministries, leads a Home
Bible Fellowship on Sunday Nights and is a freelance writer
with Christian newpapers, poetry, etc. His Devotional page is

Contact him at

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