Cruise Control

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he

is a new creation: the old has gone,
the new has come!,"
(2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV)
Cruise Control
All of our lives are full of memories and
guide posts. One of the
things I remember from my Dad was
he would take us out for a ride. We
always knew that if we went for that
ride we would end up at a Dairy Queen
somewhere eating Ice Cream etc. That
was status quo.
Many of us now have our own things we
do, some being a daily routine. For some things
that is fine except for our lives with the Lord.
When we put our lives on cruise comtrol we
do not stop and smell the roses or take one
minute vacations.  We just go along and live,
expecting everything to always be the same
on our life’s journey.
Have you ever gone somewhere and you were
delayed for some reason and found out later there
was a good reason for the delay? That was a
change. How did you accept that change? Did you
grumble and complain?
The Lord wants us to not get into cruise control
mode where we just watch things go by.  He
wants us to participate and to get involved with
what he wants for us.
Whether we are disabled and in pain or whatever,
I challenge you to get out of the cruise mode and
get into what God has for you by working for him
and changing your life to meet his plans and goals.
He has a specific plan for you and if you are willing
he will complete his work in you
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Pastor Pat Dittert lives in a berm home in Central Iowa with
his lovely wife Nancy and 5 fur babies. Pat lives with Chronic
Pain from a number of surgeries and injuries. Brain Tumor
surgery left him disabled and unable to do most physical
activities. He is also a survivor of Cancer and has 2 stints in
his heart. Pat has several Internet Ministries, leads a Home
Bible Fellowship on Sunday Nights and is a freelance writer
with Christian newpapers, poetry, etc. His Devotional page is
http://fibromyalgia help.homestead. com/RevPatsDevot ional.html
Contact him at rivpat77@msn. com

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