Only One 100% Guarantee

Then you will know that I am the Lord; those who hope in me will not be disappointed." (Isaiah 49:23 NIV)

I am sure that you remember the exact day and time that you were told the diagnosis by your doctor. I remember vividly and also remember that she said, "You have a 10% chance of living 5 years." I desperately wanted some kind of guarantee that I would be O.K. But that was impossible. Plenty of people offered me other "guarantees": Eat certain foods, and they will cure you. Drink a certain tea, and it will cure you. Take certain vitamin supplements, and they will cure you. But, I have always been a skeptic at heart. I knew there was no way these things could deliver what they promised. I wanted to believe that one of them was the answer, but which one was it? What if I chose the wrong one?

Then, I remembered this Psalm, "Some trust in chariots (food and drink) and some in horses (vitamins and herbs), but we trust in the name of the Lord our God." (Psalm 20:7 NIV).

It wasn’t which had an ironclad guarantee; it was Who. My diagnosis, my treatment and my prognosis……my future were in His hands. I had His guaranteed promise that when I put my hope in Him, I would not be disappointed.

Since my diagnosis, I have had many treatment decisions to make and for each one, I go before Him and pray and ask that He guide my decisions. He is the one who knows every cell in our bodies and He is the one who is in control. I also ask Him to help me remember that no matter how many times I am cured of an illness, I am still going to die someday, perhaps soon, and when that happens I really will be more alive than I have ever been.

Prayer: We are so grateful that those who trust in You will not be disappointed. Help us make wise decisions about what medical treatments to take. Let us choose things that will feed our body, mind and spirit. Keep us from putting our trust and hope in anything but You. We humbly ask these things in the name of Jesus, the One who died for our sins and gave us life. Amen.

Denny Dowd lives in Pennsylvania with her cat, Shamrock. Denny is a social worker and she enjoys writing, reading, and volunteering. Denny is the world’s biggest Notre Dame football fan. Denny lives with Chronic Inflammatory Demylineating Polyneuropathy and cancer and has strong faith that God will see her through even the most difficult of days.